What Makes Holloway Funding Different?

     The number one reason we started this firm was to show business owners that realistic funding options DO exist! Our team has been in the alternative lending space for a long time, and we have watched this industry change drastically. There are aspects that have gotten much better for business owners seeking  business funding... and there are things that have gotten much worse. At the end of the day a business owner puts their trust in US to present them with the best options for their business... not for the firms pocket.

     Unfortunately we have heard far too many horror stories over the years about firms taking advantage of this trust. I have had clients send me emails and text messages that they received from competing firms that have outlined these lies and misdirection. So our primary goal is to actually provide business owners with the real funding options, and show them what is truly available to them. And offer these business owners proper guidance in the financial maze, so that they can make an educated decision. As entrepreneurs we work far too hard for our money to spend it unnecessarily.

      Now this doesn't mean we have some amazing ability to provide a product that no other company can provide, because that simply is not true. But what we provide is a relationship with our clients. We truly get to know your business and understand the company you have worked so hard to build. And this is what allows us to put together funding options that will actually make sense for your financial situation. Because every business and its cash-flow operate differently, and a good deal for Peter may not be a good deal for Paul.  
    You may also realize the way this industry operates, and understand that we do not get paid to have conversations with our clients. We ultimately get paid to put offers on the table that our clients accept and then pay back. The difference in our process is, we have figured out our clients say yes a whole lot faster when we provide them with the options they are looking for. Even if that option pays our firm a little less. In the end that relationship we establish with you and your company will pay a whole lot more in the long run as we continue to do business together! 

     Now most of the people we speak to will tell us they have heard the same song and dance from a hundred different company's. And everyone has the best rates, the longest terms, and the best deals! So I can imagine what your thinking at this point. We don’t expect you to trust us after a single phone call, or after reading a couple of paragraphs.

What we ask is that you give us 10% of your trust, and the opportunity to compete for your business. With that opportunity, we will earn the other 90% of your trust! If you have any questions or concerns about your specific financial opportunity. Even if you have been turned down by other company's in the past, OR recently. Give us a call, send us an email, or message. Let a Funding Specialist go over your businesses funding needs and determine what WE can do for you. You may be surprised to find out that what you have been looking for is actually available! 

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Ready To Apply? Click Or Call Today!

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